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Panties at the Ready: A Guide to Maternity Underwear

Ladies, welcome to the world of pregnancy! Growing a baby will probably be one of the most crazy things you do, and you will find out how incredible the female...

Ladies, welcome to the world of pregnancy! Growing a baby will probably be one of the most crazy things you do, and you will find out how incredible the female body truly is. 

With it changing all the time, you need to listen and pay attention to your body, and starting with some pregnancy underwear may be the perfect way to get the ball rolling, and give your body the care and love that it needs.


  1. Who? What? Where? Why? When?
  2. The Benefits
  3. Maternity Bra
  4. Maternity Knickers
  5. The Subtlety of Shape
  6. Your Postpartum Journey
  7. Your Questions Answered


woman in pregnancy underwear

Who? What? Where? Why? When?

Who - Ok yes, so it's apparent that a pregnancy bra and pregnancy knickers are going to be used by pregnant women, but that doesn't mean you have to stop using them when you are no longer pregnant. Maternity underwear can also be used postpartum and in fact, we actually highly recommend that you do use it after pregnancy. 

Top Tip!

Lots of maternity knickers include a layered gusset for pregnancy leaks, but they are also great for periods and incontinence.

What - Underwear for maternity is often supportive, stretchy and super comfortable! With your body constantly growing and changing, you need underwear that adapts and moulds to you, whilst encouraging you to get on with day to day life.

Where - With the world of pregnancy growing so fast, there are so many places to get pregnancy underwear from. What is comes down to, is personal preference. Do you want an underwire maternity bra? Or are you a seam free, tag free kinda gal? The options are endless, and most maternity bras can also be used for breastfeeding too!

Why - At the end of the day, choosing the right underwear during your pregnancy can be a real life saver! Maternity underwear will keep you comfortable during those aches and pains, and help you get through any pregnancy leaks and bleeding

When - Well what are you waiting for? Why not now? Maternity bras and knickers may be just what you need, and could be a simple and easy solution to some of your pregnancy needs. 

pregnancy underwear

The Benefits

Maybe I haven't convinced you just yet, so how about I tell you some of the benefits:

  • Great for leaks and bleeding
  • Helps with extra discharge
  • Super comfy!
  • Bladder weakness
  • Breastfeeding and nursing
  • There for you if your waters break!
  • Perfect for incontinence
  • Help with the return of your periods
  • Can often be used pregnancy and postpartum

Maternity Bra

A bra in pregnancy is designed to cater to your growing breasts, whilst keeping you feeling supported and comfortable.

We understand that during pregnancy, comfort is everything. However, instead of just sizing up in your usual go-to underwear, invest time into getting the best maternity bra for you. The right material can be an absolute god send as you want something irritation free, that feels like a second skin. Your body will thank you later!

Top Tip!

We recommend a Tencel Modal™ fabric as it's soft, breathable, and you simply won't find anything better!

Not only do you want to look for comfort, but practicality too! Are you planning to opt for breastfeeding? Your pregnancy bra can often double as a maternity nursing bra. You'll soon find out that you're going to become a milk machine, and so getting a bra suitable for breastfeeding (and pumping!) will also help you in the long run. So get it on your hospital bag list!

Leaky boobs on the brain? Nursing bras in pregnancy can give the option to add breast pads if desired, to allow you to soak up any little leaks you may have, in the build up to meeting your little one.

I know, getting enough sleep can sometimes be an issue when pregnant. Wanting a good night's sleep whilst feeling supported - is that really too much to ask? A maternity sleep bra can solve the problems on those sleepless nights and is also a perfect choice for everyday loungewear!

pregnancy sleep bra 

Maternity Knickers

Apart from all the other maternity clothes on your list - maternity leggings, jeans, nightwear, you will want most definitely want to add maternity knickers onto your list. Whether you're expecting or have just become a mama to be, I'm telling you now you won't regret this pregnancy purchase!

Maternity support knickers have built in gussets for all the pregnancy leaks and discharge that will creep up on you. Built in gusset you say? That means no more pads! Maternity knickers provide support and comfort, and will stretch and mould to your expanding hips and forever growing bump.

Over Bump Maternity Knickers

You may prefer feeling secure in your underwear, and like a pair of maternity knickers over bump. With 50% more stretch, maternity over bump knickers will support you and bump, as well as help keep you protected. You can also get high waist maternity knickers for a higher fit on your bump, without completely covering it.

Maternity Knickers Under Bump

Or, perhaps a low rise knicker is more to your taste? Sitting comfortably under your bump, under bump maternity knickers have a flattering cut that won't irritate you and feel like a second skin. They allow less pressure on your body, but still keep you feeling protected and supported.

Say goodbye to old school disposable maternity undies, and hello to eco-friendly reusable ones!

With our bras, and pregnancy knickers uk, you can enter the world of pregnancy with comfort and support!

maternity knickers

The Subtlety of Shape

It may not seem like the be all and end all but something as simple as shape can make a real difference.

A flattering v-cut bra can be perfect for napping and lounging about in, but also great for dresses with a lower neckline. That way, you can still feel comfortable and supported, without compromising on style!

On the other hand, a maternity sports bra with more of a racer back will be just as comfy. It can encourage you to get out and carry on with your day to day jobs, and potentially even cracking on with a cheeky gym workout.

Your Postpartum Journey

Great news ladies! Maternity underwear can often double as postpartum underwear.  

As much as your pregnancy journey may be over, your postpartum one has just begun. Now that you have a newborn to take care of, it doesn't mean you should neglect taking care of yourself, and getting the best postpartum underwear can definitely help.

Pregnancy bras can also be used for breastfeeding and pumping. You'll need to consider keeping things simple and practical as you don't want to be faffing around with your bra (who knows when you will be urgently needed) but again, this is completely down to your personal preference.

Some nursing bras are completely clip free, and allow you to get easy access to your breasts. Where as other will have simple to use clips to pull down with still, just as easy access.

Maternity knickers can most definitely be used as postpartum pants too! They offer gentle compression and support, whilst reducing swelling. Unfortunately, just because baby has arrived, it doesn't mean the leaks and bleeding all come to an end. Not to worry, the built in gusset will become your new best friend!

woman wearing postpartum underwear

Your Questions Answered

When should I start wearing maternity knickers?

It really is up to you when you decide to start wearing them, but as soon as your normal underwear starts feeling uncomfortable, I definitely recommend you make the switch. As much as you want some comfort, you'll also need that extra absorbency and protection.

Should I avoid underwire bras?

Not only are they not as soft on the skin, it's thought that underwire bras can actually apply pressure to your milk glands. Ok, so there's no evidence as such, but as long as you have a well fitted underwire bra you're good to go (I definitely think the seamless life is the way forward)!

How do I know my size?

When purchasing pregnancy underwear, each brand will be different so be sure to look at the size guide. As a general rule, we recommend you should size up at least one size from your usual pre-pregnancy size, to ensure maximum comfort and a little extra room.

What to look for when buying maternity underwear?

Let's make it short and sweet! Comfort, support, protection, style, colour. But as I always say, everyone is different, get what works for you!

 pregnant woman in underwear

Maternity underwear may not be glamorous, but they're a must-have during pregnancy. Whether you go for comfort or style, just remember that you'll be wearing them for a while.

Here's to a happy and comfortable pregnancy!

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