Postpartum & Nursing

Explore our range of postpartum essentials designed to make life as a new mum that little bit easier.

Including supportive postpartum belly bands to aid in abdominal muscle recovery, and encourage your body back to it's pre pregnancy shape. Complete with the BABYGO® Postpartum Book including various exercises and nutritional advice, help start your postpartum journey to make you feel like you again!

Our postpartum leggings provide gentle compression and relieve tension after birth. Whether you're heading back to the gym, taking baby our and bout, or simply love lounging around in comfy leggings, they will be your new go-to's. Who said postpartum clothing can't be flattering?

Our selection of postpartum underwear combines style with functionality, ensuring breastfeeding is both convenient and comfortable. Including postpartum knickers & c section underwear with quick-drying, triple-layered gusset to help you on your journey!

Not only that, we offer super comfortable nursing pillows with ultimate comfort and multifunctional support to make feeding time a breeze!