BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids
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BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids

BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids

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Trusted by Parents and Professionals. 

We have created the perfect kids therapy tool that can help with a child's development of all areas, whilst giving them hours of fun, and the parents get a much needed rest. Perfect for children with Autism (ASD) and sensory disorders. With the added safety approval from BABYGO, we have ensure our ball is 5x stronger than any other Peanut Ball

Encourage children of all ages to get involved in play using the ball as a tool to help stimulate their developing brain to learn new skills and develop a way to calm and regulate their own emotions

Our dedicated BABYGO® Sensory Book has exercises and activities to help your child's development through the years. Our ball is perfect for children of all ages, the fun doesn't stop there, it's perfect for everyone. 

Box Contents

1x BABYGO® Kids Peanut Ball (45cm)

1x BABYGO® Sensory Book

1x Foot Pump

1x Tape Measure

2x Ball Plug

1x Plug Remover

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Perfect for Children with Autism (ASD).

Our sensory peanut ball is the perfect tool for children who have sensory disorders or Autism (ASD) and be really beneficial to help desensitise them to senses they can often find overwhelming. 

Children, and adults too, can often have hypersensitivity to lights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes which can cause a sensory overload. This can often lead to sensory avoidance, meaning they try to get away or avoid that feeling, which most adults will usually tune out easily.

Practical BUT So Much Fun.

Even with all the practical benefits of our Kids Peanut Ball, the amount of fun you can have almost outweighs this, or from a child's point of view anyway. 

Imagine as a child having a large balloon like object you can jump on, ride and roll all over, without the fear of this popping. It's something you can also incorporate into activities such as puzzles, reading and even tidy up time. Keeping them engaged for endless hours of fun.

Includes the BABYGO® Sensory Book.

We have included our dedicated BABYGO® Sensory Book with specific exercises to help with your child's bilateral coordination, encourages muscle strength and improves cognitive skills

This explores how the child's brain works, scary right? But so important when trying to encourage your children to try new activities and learn new skills. We have hopefully created the perfect guide to keeping children calm and regulating their overwhelming emotions.

BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Kids