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BABYGO® Birthing Ball
BABYGO® Birthing Ball
BABYGO® Birthing Ball
BABYGO® Birthing Ball
BABYGO® Birthing Ball
BABYGO® Birthing Ball

BABYGO® Birthing Ball

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Reliable, Safe & 5x Stronger than a Gym Ball.

Join the thousands of women who are combatting sore hips, sciatica, PGP and SPD with our Birthing Ball. Don’t let pregnancy pains hold you back, try our simple ways to make a positive difference and stay on the go.

Tried and tested to hold a weight of up to 1000kg (a baby elephant)!

Our dedicated 100 Page Pregnancy Book helps guide you through each trimester and even into your postpartum journey, with over 40 trimester specific exercises and nutrition guidance.

Box Contents

1x BABYGO® Birthing Ball
Hypoallergenic, BPA & Phthalates free

1x BABYGO® Pregnancy Book

1x Foot Pump

1x Tape Measure

2x Ball Plug

Available in 65cm and 75cm

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Pregnancy Pain Relief

Experiencing lower back ache? Sore hips, sciatica, SPD or pelvic girdle pain (PGP)? Exercise on our pregnancy ball is really easy to do, and is the best way to get instant relief. 

Ready for labour? Open your pelvis and loosen your hips. Bouncing on our ball will safely help your baby to drop into a head down position ready for birth. 

Love our ball after birth, sitting on it will help relive pain from stitches. Try various birthing ball exercises to help rebuild your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. 

Available in 65cm (4'8 to 5'10) and 75cm (5'11+). 

Safe & Easy to Use

Our anti-burst birth ball is made from extra thick hypoallergenic material, making it the most sturdy and safest ball to support the weight of you and your baby throughout pregnancy.

What's more? The extra thick material of our pregnancy ball, guarantees we keep your knees below your hips, meaning our ball is super comfortable and the perfect size for sitting and bouncing, every day in your third trimester.

Don't wait any longer. Our birthing ball is easy to set up, simply inflate using the supplied foot pump and you are ready to go. 

BABYGO® Pregnancy Book

Included in this set is our 100 page pregnancy book "Simple Ways to Make a Positive Difference".

This fantastic book cannot be purchased anywhere else and includes First, Second and Third trimester topics, including nutrition, as well as over 40 trimester sensitive birth ball exercises

Furthermore the book discusses labour & postpartum in more detail, and is complete with an after birth recovery plan. We also include easy to do mum and baby yoga ideas, as well as tummy time exercises that can be done on your maternity ball.

BABYGO® Birthing Ball

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